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    Carbon Belts help reduce maintenance, component cost and weight, withstand rust and chemicals, and achieve energy savings when replacing V-belts or older synchronous belts. Find your industrial or automotive synchronous belt to move your application forward.
    1.Production Features of Carbon Belts
    鈼廐igh loads,low elongation
    鈼廜…[Read more]

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    Reliable Poultry offers you several choices if you are looking for an alternative to wood and wire slats in poultry breeder houses.
    Plastic slats last longer than wood, are moisture resistant and easier to clean, and can reduce foot pad and leg problems.
    Dura-Slat Poultry Breeder Slats
    DURA-SLAT is made from high impact, wear resistant…[Read more]

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    鈼?Our History
    We have been in the business of wear products and conveyor accessories for more than 15 years and are dedicated to study on and manufacture wear products and conveyor accessories. We have accumulated rich experience and developed advanced technology, excellent production process and completed solutions on the following p…[Read more]

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    UNION CHANCE was founded in 2005.
    Specializing in export general merchandise ,marketing over 100 countries ,the main customers are from Nonth America/Europe/South America/Oceania/Africa/Asian/
    Our aim is to be our customer鈥檚 reliable partner in China who can offer qualified service and product,reasonable price and trustable after-sale ser…[Read more]

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  • CashDoor LLC: Leading Home Buyers in Las Vegas

    If you are someone who has a burdensome residential property or wants to sell a house in a sticky situation, then you have come to the right place. We understand the predicament you are in since selling a house can take a lot of time, more than you expect. Now, you can either choose to sell the…[Read more]

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  • Seastraws: Australia’s Leading Suppliers of Reusable Glass Straws Promoting Sustainability

    Environmental sustainability has been the major concern of several scientists and researchers, and hence, they are looking for new ways to manufacture environmentally-friendly products. But with increasing awareness, you don’t necessarily have to be a sci…[Read more]

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